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Mr. Green Ltd. is an online gambling company that offers online casino, Sportsbook, Live Casino, Bingo, and Keno. Mr. Green Ltd is regulated by the MGA, Malta Gaming Authority in Malta. Mr. Green is also licensed and holds gaming licenses in the UK, Italy, as well as a casino license in Denmark and a Sportsbook license in Ireland. The head office of Mr. Green is in Sliema, Malta.

The online casino Mr. Green was founded in late 2007 and launched in 2008[1] by the three Swedish entrepreneurs: Fredrik Sidfalk, Henrik Bergquist, and Mikael Pawlo. Sidfalk and Bergquist had experience in the iGaming sector after founding the company, brand, and website of Betsson together with Anders Holmgren back in 2001.

According to, "MrGreen´s Website could be more user friendly and offer more information prior to signing up. The small welcome bonus (compared to other casinos). Welcome, the bonus only usable for slots and parlor games. Fewer banking options than most online casinos. Customer Support available limited hours only, not 24/7."


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Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The company hires staff straight from primary school it's embarrassing. There is no management structure. The company destroys the local community and is a terrible company to work for. Equipment hasn't been updated in the last 30 years and the company doesn't repair broken equipment. There isn't a HR department either so there is no one to actually run the company or fix any issuesNoneEverything"

Customer Experience Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don’t really care about employees, not a lot of help or guidance from higher management and expected to just get on with it. You’re not a person with this company just a numberCustomersLong hours"

CEA (Current Employee) says

"There is no management structure, no HR department, no standards of any kind. Causes poverty and destroys local community. People have their lives ruined by this company. The price on the computer is different to the price offered to customers but false advertising is just another standard that doesn't apply to William hill. SSBTs are money bins. The whole company is a scam.NoneRuins lives and communties"

Customer focused lead (Former Employee) says

"I would keep clear of this compony it's a case of if your face fits thay all moan about each over your just a number not a person thay will expect you to do loads of favours for them. Then when you can't thay forget everything you have done for themNoneLoads"

Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"William Hill itself have everything set up to be a good company, but management are really poor. They have no clue what they are doing and some of them are so uneducated that they can’t even write. The introduction of Business Performance Manager which overlooks few shops was a disaster and destroyed majority of the staff motivation. Poor management, low pay, volatile environment, staff abuse on a daily basis"

Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for almost two years. All I got to say is what a joke. Management is ridiculous and doesn’t know how to manage a team. No paid holidays. You do so much and when needed for a supervisor to take a call, guess what? they don’t give a care and let you handle it. You’re better off. Trust me. I felt burnt out and under appreciated for everything I had done. The pay is $11 and it isn’t worth the stress and your mental health."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid it like the corona virus, unless you're really desperate. You'll have to work with lazy and argumentative people and horrible customers for little wage."

Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"After receiving an email and attending a company meeting where employees voiced concerns about the business, we were directed not to worry and were provided a false sense of security. The very next day 70% of the employees were laid off and or placed on furlough. During another team meeting a week later, employees still working asked if any additional lay offs or furloughs were going to take place. The CEO's response was "No, we did them all at once" a few days later another large percent of the company was laid off or placed on furlough. That was more than 600 employees, Those employees whom were "laid off" were not able to receive any contributions the CEO and other employees placed in a William Hill USA Foundation for those out of work. Only those whom were furlough. While "positions were eliminated due to company restructure" I found there are still "friends" of the CEO and others who remain in the "Good Ol'e Boys Club" and are being protected there. I believe I was discriminated against, harassed and threatened. I requested the Director of Human Resources conduct a full investigation and also review the cameras placed all around the office. They claimed no such action accrued and were unable to locate any evidence. No follow up was every conducted. This company keeps "things off the record" and has a very bad reputation of having the Good Ol'e Boys Club" reputation. Ask any former employee and they'll confirm this culture at William Hill."

Csa (Former Employee) says

"Absolute terrible company to work for. No interest in staff welfare or work life balance management and procedures for lone working are absolutely terrible and unsafe"

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Former Employee) says

"Extremely boring job, very long hours 8 am to 10 pm, management doesn't care about anything else other than shifts being covered, the worst parts of society are your daily customers."


"No home life, made to feel guilty if asked to do extra and little thanks when you do. The job is easy enough but the hours give you no time to have a life outside work and you are frequently expected to work 14 hour shifts when no one to cover. Would not recommend to anyone , one of the worst companies to work for."

Customer Experience Manager (Current Employee) says

"Working for William Hill is easily one of the most regrettable decisions I and a lot of people have made in our lives. Don't make the mistake we did, no matter how desperate you are for a job. Seriously. First of all, whether you are a Cashier or CEM you WILL be doing work or 'additional' duties through email that aren't on your contract. Some people you work with are the best people you will meet in your life, others are lazy and you'll be working double hard. And don't bother try to argue with that person or complain about them, remember there's only 2 of you and if that person is in your shop team you'll create tension in your entire shop. Rules contradict each other and only apply based on favouritism. You are not allowed to leave the shop or be on the shop floor after 7pm but the shop closes at 10pm. You are paid until 10:15. With this logic, that means you must empty the machines, take down newspapers, clean the shop, solve cash discrepancies and end of day all systems after 10pm. I'm not even going to tell you how long it takes, just know you won't be getting paid overtime. It's not authorised, even if the managers tell you to do it. And if it is authorised, you need to remind your BPM to reflect that on your rota so you get paid properly. BPMs (your go to if things go wrong) are the most incompetent set of idiots you will have the pleasure of knowing, because unless your shop has constant problems you aren't going to meet your BPM. There are 5 BPMs to a cluster. Each cluster has around 8-30 shops. Trust me when I tell you if you have a problem, need to call inUnpaid hour breakToo many to list"

Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work no back up by management always understaffed rubbish rubbish rubbish I wouldn’t work there even ifthe pay was half decent long hours no breaks"

CSA (Former Employee) says

"Avoid William Hill at all costs, company in despair daily abuse from "customers" and poor management across the board. Left to your own devices most of the time depending on area.tipsabusive customers"

Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Shocking company to work for, bad management and salary is not good enough. Constantly get left on your own whilst members of staff do as they please, including drinking alcohol on the premises."

Manager/CEM (Former Employee) says

"Let me first say that i absolutely loved my job with Hills. I loved my shop my punters and my colleagues. Management have let that company down. The newly added BPMs are ridiculous i have not met one with any clue as to what they are doing. Bullying is rife and even if you put in a grievence its not taken seriously, i know of one shop manager who has had countless complaints and yet nothing. Mo work life balance and god help you if you are sick because they will bully you into coming in.NoneLong hours. No support. Bullies rewarded instead of disciplined l"

Customer Experience Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was required to work 14 hours a day without a break, and when I asked if i was able to no longer do the long days I was told I do not have a choice and that I am not in it for the team."

Gerente de loja na Inglaterra (Former Employee) says

"Foi boa. Hoje ja nao é.. Hoje nao ha bonus. Nao se importam com segurança do funcionario"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dead end job you will get nowhere in life if you stay here, no structure and awful management. This job has no prospects and no ladder to the top. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Targets given were often unattainable to ensure bonuses weren't paid. Cluster managers and above only helped/advanced those who'd run up their backsides regardless of the experience and ability of the staff. Pay is horrendous given the hrs your expected to work, any sickness/holidays had to be covered in shop even if it meant you working 6 days of 12 hr shifts with no thanks or incentive.lone evening work is also hazardous not that William hill care it saves them MONEY. A truly horrible company to work for and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.customers and shop teampay, managment"

TNR KEF says

"Every other person knows that is just another fake and fraud site. My aunt referred me to try (BTCinterest .live) and that was mind blowing. They are trustworthy and committed. If you want trouble-free profit, try it once and thank me later. Their best plan is monthly plan which gives 400% profit"

Dan says

"Ambiguous welcome offer - BEWARE.

You are promised a 100% deposit match on joining, only to be told later you have to bet this on specific things within their game selection rather than across the site. The wording of this is vague and feels deliberately obfuscated compared to the main promise when registering.
Poor customer service first gave wrong information saying bonus would be released - then on 2nd contact advised it would not as the things bet on were not eligible.
Stay away from site, far better services out there and less confusing offers."

James says

"One of the worst sites.I didn’t receive my free spins.Most sites sort that out within the first chat.They won’t delete my account.Stay away from Mr greenie"

steven jones says

"Self excluded years ago due to a gambling problem for many years. They then send an email (no affiliate) to the same email that was permanently excluded in March which also encouraged me to open an account. Passed verification in less than 1 hour and made 14 deposits totalling £2350 in a few hours. When asking why did they send the email and can I have a copy of all data they hold on me, they just sent a copy of their terms and said this is our final response. Called the authorities on me and all I said is this has made me homeless- true. Completely irresponsible and looking to take this further. Also have evidence of redbet permanently excluding me and then emailed me a few months later which included the account name offering a bonus. I feel sorry for the families where people have actually taken their lives because of them. I’m not one of them and will persist to get a resolve"

Anette says

"Terrible service - after chatting with them twice - for lack of bonus - Søren promised he would send an email - about handling - of the case - the 2nd time he said - he didnt have had time - but promised to send mail - but no mail - customers are obviously not important ---------------The comedy continues after hearing from Mr Green - I just have to write to them and complain - or contact their chat (LOL) - the complaint must contain tons of information that has nothing to do with the case - just waste my time - customers are really not priority at Mr Green - PS still no mail"

Harvey White says

"This companys roulette is a fixed betting scam stay away this company will steal your money and are aloud to do so with out any checks i can assure the whole casino gaming site is a total scam"

Si says

"Started great. Site has good games and also more personality than many others. I enjoyed it all. And also my first withdrawal was super fast!
Then it crumbled. They wanted documents (no problem) so I sent them a PDF of my bank statement direct from my bank. They won’t accept it and keep sending me generic messages saying so without providing a solution and keep asking for a paper copy. I only get online bank statements and I don’t get paper copies anymore. Lots of people only get online statements now - it’s not unusual. Why don’t they accept them? So I have been sat waiting a week Had nothing resolved - really poor. Withdrawals are the most important thing customers want sorting!"

Nicola says

"You should be able to give 0 stars breach of GDPR they asked for account number and card number my bank tell me never to give the to anyone together. They may as well ask for PIN number and password to my bank account.
Also they are happy to take money without being verified but when withdrawing they want everything and even still let you deposit in the middle of verification. Joke of a site and staff hasn’t got a clue about gdpr they think it’s a joke"

Gerard O Sullivan says

"Be very care anyone about joining this site,everyone should stick to major companies.Did anyone see 4.10 race yesterday in Chelmsford?the favourite reared up in stalls and never ran jockey came off and horse never ran,Paddy Power and Boylesports refunded as free bet to customers as they knew it was right thing to do and they wouldnt have done it only as Paddy power put out tweet they called it justice refund as it was right thing do,I dont mind when I loose fairly all everyone wants is fairness on both sides and I applaud Paddy Power and Boylesports for there decision to refund customers. I contacted Mr Green live chat when my friends told me 2 major betting companies in Ireland had refunded for this horse and I seen tweets 2 major companies sent out about about refund I was on live chat and it was clear customer service agent hadnt clue and got my name wrong I wanted talk to supervisor or for them contact me surprise they were hiding in background. I sent emails to customer care with attachments of tweet other companies had sent out. No reply from customer care of Mr Green no big surprise, I contacted customer care again and finally got tru and then was told they were hiding behind descion of Stewards all I'd say to anyone is stick with major companies as in end I couldn't be dealing with them and customer care agents and this unprofessional company, iv had 2 many issues with these scammers. Iv blocked myself from site and closed account down,and as company Mr Green is very unprofessional greedy and the customer care is non existent with no reply to emails only hiding in background,another time while I was online and put on substantial bet on horse race I' thought bet was on and when race was over after horse had won there was only small portion of bet taken,you cant get decent money bets on with Mr Green they are all gamble beware when in truth they are just greedy with no compassion for there customers, its all excuse me rubbish . I know Mr Green yesterday was within there rights and are hiding behind Stewards descions ,but if anything happens again like this they wont refund customers and this happens alot in horse racing and I'm sure lots of customers have had same experience with this incompetent company ,the 2 major Irish betting companies refunded on 2 races yesterday inside the hour another horse stalled at start in 3.55 Kempton race.Iv joined one of 2 major companies today and opened account as all I want is fairness and if anything happens like this again which it will at least there will be a refund not like Mr Green whom as company only reply when it suits them to emails ,cant get tru by phone cant get in contact with supervisors whom are hiding in background, this company is classless and is incompetent in every way very unprofessionally run from top to bottom be warned dont open and account with them,as if anything goes wrong then you wont be getting a refund from this greedy incompetent company. BEWARE .
I self excluded as that was only way I could close account down without dealing with incompetent customer service and incompetent company, then a while ago tonight I get an email from customer service how would I rate them,with no mention of my complaint about horse,that never ran that got stuck in stalls that Boylesports and Paddy Power refunded on👍.And no mention of questions I asked in emails about this matter completely ignoring everything asked ,they really are an very poorly,run company whom call themselves the gentleman of Betting on Ads on TV.
I rang customer service had ring England and they kept me on hold for over 20mins .I asked why haven't I been given reply by email or for nobody to answer my question put forward by me to them noreply.They are hiding behind there terms and conditions with horse unlike Paddy Power and Boylesports whom have refunded they need be appauladed for fair play and common sense to there customers and they are real gentleman of betting with refunds when they know customers have been cheated and wronged.IF you back horses or back sports whatever you chose gamble on remember and remember This MRGREEN is always hiding behind terms and conditions and if anything strange happens in any sporting event you wont be getting refund unlike Paddy Power and Boylesports whom do refund on many sports when they feel as Paddy siad in there tweet Saturday after 4.10 race Chelmsford JUSTICE REFUND FOR CUSTOMERS. Now guys up ye whether ye want to bet with an incompetent company who has no respect no compassion and most importantly no morals only greddy taking as much money as they can from customers.Best Luck guys with these Scammers.Why no reply Mr Green? Is it because PaddyPower and Boylesports did right thing and refunded everyone?"

William Tallon says

"I've just opened an account and lodged €50.00. My interest is horse racing. I expected to find a large selection of UK/Irish and international race meetings to bet on as most sites offer. All I can find for the former is a very amateurish looking and incomplete listing for Friday 8th of January and a full listing for Saturday the 9th. There are no international meetings listed (other than one for Australia). I'm not even sure if they offer them. I tried the search facility but it doesn't work. Also, I cannot download the app for some reason. Had I known this I would never have joined. Time to close my newly opened account I think. Can anybody from Mr. Green enlighten me?"

Philip Faulkner says

"I deposited £10 to play part of the promotion they had over Christmas... Santas £50,000 double drop. A opt in or join option never happened during any part of the game that was listed... I made a complaint, and basically said it was down to either my browser or device I was using... I told them this is not the case as I can opt into any other promotion and have done... To be fair the person taking care of it was helpful by email... But no outcome except it was my fault.. feel very let down by Mr green, so just make sure you get an option to join a promotion...

I did a formal complaints and went through Mr green channels and you said it was still my fault!!??"

Lisa Nosizo says

"Mr. Green stole my money. they are scammers. don't play with mr green"

Nutty Southerner says

"1st impressions last !
Deposited for the welcome offer, 1st deposit did not go through so deposited again, the 1st deposit showed up so withdrew it and carried on playing expecting to get the welcome bonus which did not materialise. Contacted an agent (Eva) who said they would escalate but not to hold much hope ! It was a genuine mistake why would I intestinally forfeit the welcome bonus ? I will await their response and will amend the review if they honour the welcome offer.
Beware you will also be charged for any withdrawals made !
Guess what there was no leeway for a new customer and they refused to budge on the welcome bonus ...I will lose my cash elsewhere. Poor customer retention all about the T&C's

In response to Mr greens response below - I did contact your team and explained I may have made an error by withdrawing my duplicate deposit and the response was ' I will escalate the issue but don't hold much hope when they responded by email I was referred to the terms and conditions of the welcome offer. So basically I was ignored as a new customer which is your loss as I self excluded on that basis. I spend approx 20k a year on slots and have never been greeted with such a cold shoulder !!"

Robert gibbs says

"Avoid. I signed up and followed the opt in for the matched deposit plus 50 spins. I deposited 30 and the match deposit didn't show. I logged onto the chat I asked why. They said wager it. So I wagered x1 using blackjack, which they said was fine. Guess what? No matched deposit. Back to live chat, was then told I must wager my deposit 35x!! This was incorrect. So tried the chat again, then told I hadn’t opted in. And because I’d since Withdrawn my money I was no longer eligible for the sign up offer. They don’t homer there offers and do anything to not give it to you. Sharks. Avoid"

Paw Evald says

"Was told that I got 100% in bonus. I got that, but could only use the bonus in slot machines. I tried to chat with them, but that didnt work.


Rafik Belhadj says

"The most bad company I know my account was verified to the fullest after they block my account whiteout asking me before a picture of my face and a document in 1 picture I am a big player so that time I can't log in I had matches to play but it was closed so I couldn't play after I play with big money the company don't repeat my question please people be aware this is a 's.... site"

Ahmed Hassan says

"Sheeting system if you get free spin the system makes sing out and when I sing in the free Spin gone and they telling me spring over 😂 most bad place to lose your money 💰 .!. Mr Green"

David says

"Have been on other internet gambling sites and have NEVER been charged to withdraw MY OWN MONEY.
(First time of money withdraw since joining site)

I must assume as they can no longer charge for deposits using cards since the law was changed, I guess they adopted the underhand alternative method of charging for withdrawals instead.

I am not saying they hide this charge but I notice it does not appear to be very prominently mentioned, if at all, when a deposit is made.

With their average 5%+ house edge on slots (not sure on other games), makes me wonder why they think they need to make even more, from in this case ex-customer.

While I expect no reply to this review apart from usual "canned platitudes" and sorry to hear you are "not happy inane comments" trolled out I'm sure to most complaints, it would be nice to hear from a real person for once.

Will end this gripe with the standard ending Comment from all customer service sites "HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE DAY" (I don't think)."

Patrick Calthrop says

"I played online slots in a promotion with Mr Green several weekends ago. The promotion was that you get 20% of losses back should you lose. I lost. I am still waiting for my 20% back. I have chased via online chat many times to no avail. No money and cannot tell me if or when. It's £300 so I don't want to lose it."

John Lambert says

"Just average casino
Nothing interesting or special here as for me"

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